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After experiencing winters skyrocketing gas prices, followed by summers record heat waves, many homeowners are looking for ways to reduce their heating and cooling costs. Schoonover Builders has spent decades working with insulation, energy-efficient products and techniques. After so many years, we have become frustrated with the slow advancement of safe, energy-efficient home building. So many insulation methods are poor enough that the safety issue has become a huge concern for many people. There has been an increase in sinus and bronchial infections; allergies are also on the rise. Many are finding their homes are making them ill. The key problem in new homes is moisture. Without technical knowledge of the materials being used and the techniques of installing them, homes are often built that have moisture building up in the walls, around windows and in the attic. The most common method of building puts the dew point in the wall causing mold and mildew, destroying the integrity of the wall and creating potential health hazards. Poorly installed insulation, ventilation, windows and doors, flashing and siding can all allow moisture to build up in your home, decreasing the life of many of the materials used.
Schoonover Builders provides high-performance insulation for maximum R-value, thermal window and doors for reduced air leakage, and siding replacement for healthy air and watertight walls.
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