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Remember, The Home as an Environment, Providing Efficient and Healthy Shelter.

Have you ever thought about what it takes to become a "Builder"? Must be some "special training or schooling" or something required, right? No, nothing required. Well maybe a tool pouch, hammer, tape measure and of course, a pick-up truck! Think of a name and you're in business. The only "special training" a builder needs is the sense to follow the building codes. The building codes are only the minimum guidelines set up by local, state and federal governments. When a builder says, "we build quality right to code" that really means nothing more than the minimum requirements. Builders push the "minimum" all the time, not that the minimum is all bad.
In some parts of the structure minimum is fine, but in other areas the quality should be much higher, especially the weatherizing of a home. It's not hard to build a house. Knowledge of math, practice with carpenter tools and good common sense helps, but doesn't necessarily mean the
builder knows what's minimum and what's better.
A lot of what we have seen going up over the years tells us many home builders don't know how or care to take the time to provide efficient and healthy shelter. For example, did you know that most shingles being laid on new homes and even old homes are done with a method that is not recommended by the manufacturers? We see it often. Shingle courses are being applied vertically up the roof rather than across and up. This is called racking by the industry. This practice messes up the pattern and in time can let water in the end butts. Roofers do this often; builders let them do it to their houses because it is faster and less expensive.
For many years, Schoonover Builders has provided the highest quality of remodeling. With our honest pricing and friendly service, you can rest assured knowing that even our simplest assignments will be placed with dedicated, competent hands. Contact Schoonover Builders when you want a job well-done, at a price you can afford.

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